Wider, More Luxurious, Custom Sprinter Conversions


The revolutionary body style of the Mauck2 offers unparalleled extra cabin space. With roughly a foot of EXTRA lateral space in the cabin, the Mauck2 body allows interior designers to offer more spacious luxurious custom interiors for even the most discerning customers!


One of the most striking features of the Mauck2 vehicles is its exterior styling! The all fiber body is not only beautiful, but adds much needed interior room (almost a foot in width) to the cabin of the vehicle! The Mauck2 body is the definition of form meets function!


Mauck2 vehicle interiors are as luxurious as they come. With multiple interior options, there is a Mauck2 to fit nearly every need! Are you a national touring musician? We have your Mauck2! Are you a retired couple traveling the country? We have a Mauck2 for you as well! The Mauck2 is perfect for family vacations, tailgating, golf trips or corporate operations.

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