The Mauck2 Wide Body Sprinter gives the phenomenal Sprinter chassis a larger body, giving you 10 more inches of interior width, much more window view, more overall space, a host of features not possible with the factory van body, and styling that sets it apart from all the Sprinters out there!

Mauck2 is an OEM Shell Supplier. Our bodies are available to interior conversion companies to offer their clients a premium option for their custom interior needs. If you would like to have a Mauck2 Wide Body Sprinter built to meet your needs, but do not have an upfitter in mind, we can refer you to a number of excellent companies to make your vision a reality. Together, we can also assist in sourcing the Sprinter cab-chassis, giving you a complete vehicle that gives you MORE !

FOR THE AMAZING  Sprinter chassis 

THE Mauck2 wide body: 

  • MORE room

  • MORE comfort

  • MORE style