MAUCK2 was born from the vision of creating a large vehicle with the grace, styling and power of a European sports car. We believe that group transport or luxury travel vehicles can and should be something more than slab-sided boxes. And they don’t have to handle like trucks.   The Mauck2 accomplishes that goal.   We offer a more automotive platform for such applications, and we designed it for the Mercedes / Freightliner Sprinter chassis.

The genesis for Mauck2 started in 1991, with the MSV. Combining two passions– race cars and the design and manufacturing of large vehicles, Mauck Special Vehicles, Inc. designed and manufactured the MSV 1120, a small-to-mid-size, rear-engine, low-floor Multi-Purpose Passenger Vehicle unlike anything on the market. The interiors were up fitted for anything from personal luxury travel to mobile offices. Customers included major corporations and celebrities.

The next phase of design led to the current MAUCK2, built on the proven Mercedes Sprinter Chassis, to combine space, style, comfort and function in one unique vehicle…

MORE SPACE! Our number one design goal was to make it wider than the box type conversions. The Mauck2 is 10 inches wider inside and allows for rotating seats and a cross-body couch or bed, while evoking a feeling of spaciousness. Yet it is still narrow enough to manage tight parking spaces. We designed it to the maximum Daimler allowed length, and also gave it a little more headroom than the high-roof van body option.   We follow all Daimler-required design and engineering standards, as specified in the Sprinter Body Builder manual.
MORE STYLE! The next key feature is the dramatic styling. In general, our approach is to be the “Anti-Box”.   The conventional, industry standard box-like body design, although economical and efficient, lacks style and beauty. The Mauck2, with its upswept tail design and rounded fuselage, evokes an image of a private jet for the road.
MORE COMFORT! We also designed the Mauck2 with huge windows that curve inward overhead that allow for panoramic views, so that people can see roof tops or tree tops as they travel. The windows, curved headliner, extra 10in width, and up to 6ft 5in headroom combine so that the Mauck2 Wide Body Sprinter has an open feeling and space to move around.
MORE FUNCTION! Finally, the Mauck2 features a full set of roll-out underbody storage compartments—left and right. They are large enough to carry luggage, golf clubs, coolers or other supplies and equipment. Also, we offer an optional 5000 lb trailer hitch and rear HVAC system. The bodies are made with a galvanized steel full rolled-hoop frame structure, with bonded composite fiberglass panels that will not rust.

To accomplish these goals, we had to design and build our own body for the Sprinter Chassis. We wanted something that would make people say, “Wow, that’s cool! What is that?” The Mauck2 Wide Body Sprinter does just that.