Luxury Transport Vehicle

The LTV layout is extremely well-suited to serve a number of needs—from personal luxury transportation to large family travel with all the amenities, in an open, comfortable and quiet environment. Includes 6 or 8 individual seats (including driver and front cab passenger), with a dinette / table area to the rear. The LTV offers lots of cargo space, including optional raised dinette with storage underneath and access from rear hatch.

As a corporate VIP transport, it can function to support an FBO, or serve as a mobile office or conference room while traveling to regional customer meetings or remote facilities. The Mauck2 reflects a first-class image and delivers solid, dependable service. The attention-getting exterior styling of the M2 makes the LTV a great mobile sales kiosk, or fully-functioning mobile office.

As a high-end resort vehicle, guests can enjoy local tours, dinner outings, and general transportation in the most distinctive vehicle of its kind. The interior comfort and incredible window views will be remembered by your clients.