Sprinter Cab-Chassis preparation

Before the body is mounted, we prep the chassis by removing back wall (unless supplied chassis has optional factory deletion), installing most of the components for the rear HVAC system, body wiring interfaces, and prepping body panel attachment areas.


The entire galvanized tubular steel frame structure is fixture-welded from pre-cut parts for high accuracy, as are other components such as side door, step and rocker compartment mounts.

The proprietary molded fiberglass composite body panels are bonded –not riveted—to the steel frame structure, and the Mauck2 panels are integrated onto the Sprinter cab bodywork. The side door, rear hatch, and rocker compartments are fully sub-assembled in advance, and then installed onto the body.

The entire inside of the body is coated with a thermal and acoustic insulation foam.  The floor wood, which is treated on the underside with sound and thermal coating, is then fitted. Electrical connections are made, and then the window glass in installed (automotive-style bonded).


The completed shells are water tested to ISO standards, and given a thorough QC process before being delivered to the paint shop. The Mauck2 Wide Body Sprinter is now ready for the interior design of the owner’s wishes, and many years of service and enjoyment.